Astronomers have captured the first real-time glimpse of a massive black hole awakening from its sleep.

Previously unremarkable, SDSS1335+0728 began shining brighter than ever in late 2019, puzzling scientists.

The galaxy's luminosity has intensified for over four years, unlike typical celestial phenomena like supernova explosions.

Astronomers used data from observatories like ESO's VLT to investigate the unusual brightening of SDSS1335+0728.

SDSS1335+0728 is now emitting significantly more light across ultraviolet, optical, and infrared wavelengths, and recently started emitting X-rays.

Researchers suggest that we are witnessing the awakening of a massive black hole at the galaxy's core

This could be the first time astronomers have observed a massive black hole activation in real time.

The black hole has started to feast on the surrounding gas, becoming extremely bright.

nstruments like MUSE on the VLT and the upcoming Extremely Large Telescope will help understand why the galaxy is brightening.

The awakening black hole in SDSS1335+0728 offers a unique opportunity to study how these cosmic giants grow and evolve.